Sunday, June 9, 2013

Laura Jane, What Would YOU Burn?

Today I'm excited to share the insights of my dear friend Laura Jane. Laura Jane is a yoga therapist, homeschooling mama, and powerful force of love in the universe. If you've met her, you know. If you haven't, you should.

What would I burn, at this time, place and space in my life?
I happily and readily BURN the tired, worn out, unhelpful ways of
self-doubt, worry, and negative self-talk.
 I consciously burn any ways I’ve been being with MYSELF that I’ve let hold me back or slow me from being UNIQUE, ALIVE ME.
I joyfully burn the shreds of comparison and competition that have fed into these toxic, weakening habits I’ve been carrying, and I wake up to a new, refreshed, empowered way of being.
I wake up, here and now to the power and potential that I always have: to instead LOVE myself, support myself, and BE more who I am.
 I awaken NOW to the power of letting that inner bullshit GO.
 I choose instead more wise, loving and enlightened ways of being, perceiving and managing myself.
 I am ME, I am BIG, I am large, I am ready.
HERE, now I choose to TRUST MYSELF, listen within, and brave UP to walking my own adventurous, expanding path that I KNOW I am choosing.
And thus begins a new, free me.
Here I find my power, my ways to contribute, and the EASE of actually loving THIS life.
Burning, purifying, igniting ME.
Loving this choice, this freedom, this power.
I choose THIS, here and now.
Always available, everyday.
Burning into the best of me.

You can visit Laura Jane here

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