Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SACRED Art Show... with Annie Ruygt!

Today's beautiful piece comes from Annie Ruygt. Behold the fall beauty of her vision:

E: Looking at your Scarlett is like looking into my own imagination. Can you tell me about how you came to create this piece?  
A: The moment when Will and Scarlett first meet is quite beautiful and it felt like time stopped around me when I was reading that chapter.  I knew I had to illustrate it!  I imagined soft colors and whirling leaves.  I felt like watercolor would suit the moment just fine.
E: I’ve looked at several of your pieces, and many of them seem to share a certain sensibility, a kind of simple, quiet… something. How would you define your aesthetic? 
A: I like to think my art reflects a little magic, solitude, and reflection in each piece.  I love the feeling when you understand the whole world as you look up at the stars.  I try and add a dash of that into the illustration.
E: Who and what inspires you?  
A: I've been goo goo about quotes and poetry lately.  I love Mary Oliver, Mark Twain, and Maya Angelou.  
E: What is a typical work day like for you? 
A: I teach art classes 3-4 days a week, but I work on art in the mornings at my little white desk, sketching, painting, or just playing around.  I'm currently working on a couple children's book ideas.  I'll sketch, do some research, facebook, then sketch again.

E: Do you have a favorite type of art to create?  
A: There's nothing more fulfilling than whipping something up completely on a whim.  That's my favorite kind; the kind where it's truly inspired and as soon as the idea hits, I have to do it.
E: What other projects—both professional and personal—are you involved in? 
A: I'm doing all the posters and website graphics for my band, Good Girls and Smokers.  It's been fun branding the band and designing merchandise.  Besides that I have my two children's books that have become back burner regulars but I still love taking them out and working on them.  I have a hard time rushing the children's books I work on... they mean too much to me.
E: What advice would you give people who’d like to break into the art world? 
A: I would only say-- if you love it, then make it a part of your life, have fun, and opportunities will surface for you.  
E: Do you have a web presence?  
A: I do! I have a website, blog, Facebook page, pinterest board, and you can find me on a few other business sites.
E: Do you have a favorite moment in SACRED? 

A: By far my favorite moment is the one I illustrated.  It was mysterious and electric!  I'm still reading SACRED, so I'm sure several moments will top that one soon, but until then, it's a lovely scene and it has left me wanting and wondering!

And here's Annie's SACRED piece once more. Thank you, Annie!

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  1. I like the soft colours and whirling leaves. Watercolour paintings have this dreamlike feel that I've always liked.